Where have you been on holiday?!

The aim of creating the perfect tan is to make it look natural and no one should be able to guess it came from a bottle. This means no streaks, no smells, no drama.

Tan-Luxe is the antithesis of outdated, ‘try hard’ heavily pigmented  tanning brands who OD on the DHA (that would be dihydroxyacetone, the chemical in self-tanners that gives you the faux glow) with a one size fits all attitude. For us, the ultimate self-tan should go undetected   and be concerned with creating incredibly natural looking, bespoke colour with a flawless finish…basically your own skin but with some expertly tuned ‘filtering’ - dialling up the warmth and saturation levels if you will.

We know we will always be the supporting role to the outfit but we also  know  that  lack  lustre,  dull  skin  (whether  in  a  bikini  or  a cashmere sweater) will always look pretty average. And we don't do average. Tan-Luxe expertly creates #nofilter, incredible skin every time.

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