Ok so, we are so ready for the 2016 summer Olympics starting today.  The global coming together of fearless female (and male) powerhouses that epitomise dedication, pushing boundaries and general all round amazing-ness.  What’s not to love? We’ve been hooked since the London 2012 games which saw the highest recorded number of female medalists to date - one small step for woman, one incredible leap for womankind. Perhaps true equality in sports is now a reality? And why shouldn’t it be?

2016 has been an all out love fest for women raising the bar and smashing the glass ceiling -  Great Britain has appointed its second ever female Prime Minister, the USA is on the cusp of electing its first ever female President ( Go Team Hilary!) and Queen Bey flipped the lid on who actually wears the trousers this year whilst sipping on her home-made lemonade… 

So what’s changed? Women have always been capable of achieving in sport, but as girls we have historically been conditioned to focus on the taking part, not bulking up and ‘throwing like a girl’.  Maybe this femme cosmic shift is a result of a new female empowerment movement where true confidence and realising our potential has finally taken hold.  Point in case - Taylor Swift with her girl gang, Serena Williams nailing her 22nd Grand Slam, Miley Cyrus with her lime green arm pit hair, Rihanna with her BBHMM attitude and the infamous Kardashians with their fierce fam goals.

Ok so love them ( we do) or hate them - the Kardashian girls may not strictly be Olympic medalists but they do share a common denominator, an unwavering steely determination that is supercharged with XY chromosomes.  But what does all this mean for Rio 2016? Women are exhibiting ever more encouragement, support and confidence in one another resulting in a tsunami of achievement across multiple disciplines, from acting to sport, politics and business.

And for Rio 2016 our guess is that we can expect to see another slew of gold for womankind. Which incidentally, always looks good with a tan.

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