This week kicked off with Blue Monday- supposedly the most depressing day of the year. The initial hope that January was flying by at lightening speed has all but disappeared, along with the majority of last months wages. As a result we are stuck in a sad lurch, with the post-Christmas blues dampening everyone’s mood. Life doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom though. No way! Here at Tan-Luxe we are all about finding the silver lining to every situation, and we’ve lined up some positives to help you get through this killer week.


Kim Kardashian’s Return to Social Media

2016 was bleak for a number of reasons, one of those being Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery and her subsequent decision to retire from social media for three months. WTF Kim! How were we supposed to cope without endless sartorial inspiration and minute updates about every detail of her life! Somehow we muddled through those dark months and our prayers have been answered- she’s back! Prepare to live lavishly through her Instagram and Snapchat accounts, and forget about all of your winter woes. We ♥ you Kim!

Great Movies

As we all know- it’s award season, and that means there’s a great selection of films to watch, both at the cinema and on DVD (if those still exist…?). Critics favourite La La Land is the charming, old-school flick we’ve all been waiting for. Singing, dancing and hopefully Ryan Gosling taking his shirt off- we’ve missed those abs!

January Sales

Picture the scene - You walk into Zara, there’s piles of clothing taller than the majority of people in the store. It’s pandemonium! The prices are slashed! It’s up to 70% off! But finally, after wrestling over the last shirt in your size that you’ve had your eye on months, it’s yours! Although shopping doesn’t help with the aforementioned “mid-Jan-wage-running-out-crisis”, there’s nothing better than a good bargain, it’s the ultimate feel-good factor.

Hitting the Gym

It’s January, and so by that logic, those New Years Resolutions should still be intact. And top of 98% of people’s lists is attempting to burn off all those thousands and thousands of Christmas calories through exercise. But this “New Year New Me” mantra not only helps you look great, but feel really good too. Although walking into that spin class after a few weeks break from the gym might seem daunting, it’s the best thing you can be doing at this time of year. And you don’t even have to set foot in a gym: if it means taking the steps instead of the elevator- go for it. It’s the little things that count. 

Booking a Summer Holiday  

It’s never too early to start thinking about a summer getaway (despite just having returned to work after Christmas). The thought of relaxing on a beach with our best gal pals is giving us life here in the Tan-Luxe office. So take a break from typing up spreadsheets and book a flight! An impulsive holiday is always a great idea, and the perfect way to remind you there’s actually only one week left in January. Summer really isn't that far away!

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