The party season is already upon us, and that means it’s time to start getting into the festive spirit/being super glam 24/7. Although we are in the midst of the freezing depths of December, for our holiday inspiration this year we’ve decided to cast our minds back to the 90’s. A much simpler time, when people were more relaxed because they could wear the same outfit twice without fear of it being plastered all over social media. 

Thanks to the original Supermodels (and more importantly, Google), we have an endless bank of inspo at our fingertips. Although we can’t say for sure whether they were wearing these outfits at Christmas time or not- who cares! These looks are feeding our sartorial souls! Here are our four super sexy 90’s inspired party dressing tips:

Wear Red!!

Which colour literally IS Christmas? Which colour says BOOM! I have arrived!  The answer to both of these questions is red. Coincidence? We think not.  A red dress is a foolproof shortcut to looking instantly hot - just look at these fine examples. Look how happy they are; those are the smiles of powerful, badass women with not a care in the world! 

Wear Sheer!!

So apparently the nipple was free in the 90’s! Although in more recent years we have taken a big step back in the nips department, you don’t need to get the ‘girls' out a la Kate to sport the sheer look. It’s an amazing way to show some skin but simultaneously give nothing away. 

Dress like a Disco Ball!

Why simply turn up to a party when, when you could BE the party! Look at how all these beautiful people gravitate towards Naomi Campbell, it’s incredible. She is the glittering lifeblood of the room. She is Christmas personified. Festive party hack? Roll out some serious sparkle and super-luxe skin and you are DONE. 

Wear Hardly Anything At All!!

Although this one may not work for a family dinner, what better way to say 'Merry Xmas!’  than by wearing a really, really tiny Chanel bikini? Is it seasonally appropriate? Not necessarily. But would it show off your tan amazingly? Yes. And that’s kind of all that matters. 

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