The day is finally upon us, the sparkling jewel in the crown of the awards season- The Oscars

Ok, so if the Grammys are always worth tuning into for those stand out, experimental sartorial vibes, then the Oscars are the place for timeless, iconic looks.  Barring of course, Bjork’s infamous swan dress moment- which love it or hate it, shook things up a bit and is majorly memorable. 

Although for most, the focus remains on the dresses,  for us (and our self-confessed beauty addict brains) we’ll be looking for the whole package.. give us a total look - hair, make up and gown that could stop traffic and we will be HAPPY.  We’re hungry for some out the box styling this year and, let’s face it, the right makeup can make or break a look. So as a heads up to Hollywood and a 101 on how its done, we are counting down our favourite Oscars beauty looks of all time:


Raquel Welch 1974

This look is SO classically 70’s, but it hasn't dated at all. The hair! The nude lip! The unbelievable lashes! And with such obvious nods towards this era in many shows at fashion week, it’s easy to imagine someone trying this out tonight. Also plus points for looking like she’s in a wind machine despite the fact she’s almost definitely standing still- that is tough to do, and the sign of a true red carpet pro. 

Elizabeth Taylor

Liz Taylor was the most glam, diamond encrusted woman ever. She wasn't even allowed to wear the Taylor-Burton diamond (which she is pictured in here) without being accompanied by armed guards(!!!)- Goals. Bling aside, those eyebrows look insanely good, and note the beautifully coordinated eye makeup to her powder blue dress. All hail the real Queen Liz. And powder blue eyeshadow. 


Okay disclaimer: this look is crazy. But Amazing crazy. Although at the time some felt it was too extreme, Cher definitely looks incredible. This is a welcome break from the norm- seriously why have perfect tousled locks when you could have a giant bejewelled headdress! And feathers! Such a bold look hasn't really been attempted (and pulled off so well) since, but we are secretly crossing our fingers that 2017 will be the year to change that. C'mon Hollywood give us a Cher 2.0 moment to remember!

Halle Berry

Halle Berry looks flawless here. Her beautifully glowing skin is perfectly offset by her golden statuette, and if you look really closely, you can see her eyes are in fact sparkling with real tears - quite possibly THE best Oscars related accessory a girl could ever have...however, sadly these cannot be purchased at a store near you. Cry. 

Jennifer Lawrence 

Jennifer Lawrence totally nailed this uber elegant look. In wearing such a giant dress, you could totally go all out with hair and makeup, and a run the risk of looking too ‘bridal’. But opting for delicate jewellery and  a simple up-do, she avoids this issue entirely. Bravo!  Jen's subtle smoky eye makeup also rescues the look from being too predictably “pretty”. Extra bonus points. 

Lupita Nyong’o

 Lupita Nyong’o slayed on every single red carpet her feet touched during the 2014 awards season. The Best Supporting Actress could, and still cannot, do no wrong. This is exemplified by this super simple yet striking Oscars look, letting her natural beauty shine through. Although to be fair, Lupita could have thrown on a bin bag and still had us drooling... 

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