Say ‘hello’ to The TAN-LINE by TAN-LUXE - The World’s First, totally impartial, totally helpful self-tanning helpline. 

Remember phone calls? And no, not a check-up with your mum. We’re talkin’ real 90’s movies style; long ass chats about makeup, boys and everything in between. Well, we’re bringing them back. Yep, you heard right. 
We’re here to give expert advice on your self tanning conundrums so you can get your best glow ever. Whether it’s for a hot date, a weekend away, or just looking like the for work on Monday- we’ve got your back (and your arms, legs, face…) 
So, maybe you’ve always struggled nailing the tan on your ankles, or you just really wanna vent about last night’s ep. of Game of Thrones- call us up. Our TL team are standing by.
From August 1st through September 4th you can reach us on The TAN-LINE, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:
UK- 0800-0129-292
USA- 833-826-5893
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