Hi everyone! Quick PSA: winter is here. In case you haven’t noticed, time seems to have flown by so quickly that we’ve entirely skipped out on autumn. Although this is great for those of us who are a fan of those crisp mornings, snow, darkness, & other seasonal fare, the quick transition isn’t great for our skin, which is probably at this stage, left confused as to where the pleasant weather has gone.

As we begin to tide over into this hectic season -  it’s time to start thinking about Transitional Tanning:  b/c we all wanna keep that amazing glow up, but we also want to keep it looking as believable & natural as possible. There’s a lot of factors coming into play here that mean our skin is more stressed than it was in summer: extreme temperature differences, increased workload, crazy C******S prep, (sorry it’s a bit too early to mention that word)… Anyways, you get the picture, winter is wild. So, we’ve selected our top tips to prep your beautifully adjusted summer skin for winter.



People always ask us- ‘what’s the best way to gently ease my summer tan into A/W?’ The hint here is kind of in the phrasing of the question- using a gradual tanner :). With the lower % of DHA, it’s super easy to get a natural subtle glow that will warm up your complexion. PLUS it’s amazing to layer up throughout the week. Building up a product such as THE BUTTER on your body & SLEEP OIL on your face every second day will leave you looking radiant by the time the weekend comes around, plus it will eliminate any grey/red undertones your skin may have taken on in the colder months.

Seriously, applying tan is like a filter for your skin IRL :)



Newsflash: central heating/harsh winds = dry skin. Dry skin = the source of 99% of your winter skincare woes. Ergo this is the time of year your moisturiser needs to step up and be there for you. Using a tanner that will hydrate your skin as well as tanning it is an absolute MUST. An oil based moisturiser (or tanner- hey GRADUAL) is ideal for creating a protective layer over the skin to retain moisture. Which leads us on to our next point, Ingredients…



It’s easy to forget about the ingredients in your skincare sometimes. They’re there and doing their job, but sometimes we get caught up in the instagrammable packaging/amazing results and forget that they are the real heroes workin’ hard BTS. All TL products contain skin boosting properties, and are designed to hydrate, boost & enhance your glow. Here’s a list of ingredients we LOVE:

* Raspberry Seed Oil is our number one. It’s our fav scent and its anti-inflammatory properties means redness is cancelled out

Vitamin E works to block free radicals- which are one of the key causes of premature skin ageing and not a cool youth movement.

* Shea & Cocoa Butter are super-super moisturising & nourishing. Like taking a daily bath in milk a la Cleopatra.

* Pure oils like Kendi, Marula, Argan, Oat, Coconut & Apricot are part of our skin-care first approach to tanning, looking after your skin

* Aloe Vera; ultimate soothing wonder-plant which calms the skin.



This one has been a total game changer for us here at TL towers. Newsflash- if you’re not getting your legs out, you don’t need to tan them. That is all.





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