Love. Intimacy. Feelings. Passion. All sound super romantic, right?


WRONG! C’mon guys, it’s 2018! Human relationships are SOOOOO last year.

This year we’re celebrating the greatest love of all. The love we have for our beauty products. For better or worse, for richer or for poorer, our fav beauty babies always have our backs.

These are our ride or die products this V-Day:



We don’t wanna exaggerate, but this is seriously the most nourishing self-tanner EVER! We formulated it with Shea, & Coco Butter as well as Raspberry Oil for a super-rich formulation which also smells AMAZING. This is the one for people who love very rich, hydrating formulations. It’s got a slight sheen to it on the skin, almost like someone is following you around with a ring light and the Kira Kira app on blast. It’s lit, literally.



Beachy tousled waves are very Valentine’s, FYI. If you watch the *Iconic* movie Valentine’s Day, you’ll see nothing but beautifully tousled wavy hair, guaranteed. If, like us, wavy hair can at times seem like an effort, don’t worry. Wave Spray brings the tousled texture of romantic dreams. Just spritz through, and feel like Jessica Biel almost instantaneously. We’re obsessed.



Like any major holiday, Valentine’s Day calls for a little extra sparkle. Nothing screams romance quite like a highlight so bright that it can be seen from outer space. Our Face and Body highlighter is perfect when applied to anywhere you want to accentuate. Think shoulders, décolletage, cheekbones, cleavage ;) 


We love smelling good as much as the next person does. Glossier You is formulated to react with your skins own chemistry- much like TAN-LUXE - creating a custom scent which changes dependent on the wearer. If Valentine’s Day were a scent, it would smell like this. Plus, it comes in a pink and red bottle, which is super cute and reminds us of the colours of love.

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