Hello.  We’re TAN-LUXE. And we want to revolutionise the way you tan.  We’re taking a new approach. Making self-tanning tailor-made, multi-purpose, effortless and drama free. We believe incredible, happy, glowing skin is the ultimate accessory and it needs to be flawless and #filterfree.  Our products are game changers and are trialled and tested and tested again by real people. If we don’t love, need and obsess over our newest formulation then we don’t do it. Its that simple. 

Using patented technology, TAN-LUXE is the antithesis of outdated, heavily pigmented tanning brands loaded with DHA (that would be dihydroxyacetone) the active in self-tanners that gives you the faux glow. Instead, we developed Transparent Tanning to deliver the most natural, undetectable, golden tan with No Streaks, No Smells, No Drama. Every. Single.Time. 


  • Tan-Luxe
  • Triple Tan Technology
  • Moisturising Complex
  • odour shield technology

Over 5 years in development our brand was born from the desire to develop products that would turn the ‘one size fits all’ thinking of traditional self tan on its head and make us and our friends look and feel amazing (both inside and out).  So we set about making our own concise edit of products, in our own labs, that would deliver the ultimate, golden glow we’d been searching for AND feel super luxe on the skin.

In short, we’ve taken the drama and uncertainty out of self tan and created a line that dials up body confidence and super charges your inner glow. We’re hell bent on changing the perception of self tan, one streak-free face and body at a time. Because everyone should experience the confidence and power of looking the very best version of themselves.  And we understand that a great tan alone won’t change the world but positive vibes can. And that’s what we deliver.

We won’t stop until we’ve changed the tanning status quo.

This is what we live by. It’s our #tanifesto.










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