How to Luxe
We provide you with our ultimate tanning tips for you to tailor-make your faux glow for a flawless #nofilterskin finish.

Plan your Tan..

Think about your outfit before you tan. Consider the shape, style, colour of your look and Tailor-make your tan accordingly! For instance, layering your tan on the midriff area, starting with The Gradual and a mist of The Water, will give incredible results if you plan to show a flash of skin on your stomach area. For us its about the reality of tanning - our team are often asked how to concentrate a darker, contoured tan on the legs and knees owing to the trend of ripped jeans that shows no signs of going away, no matter the weather.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

To keep your tan looking fresh, apply a light body lotion the day after you have applied your TAN-LUXE tan and add a drop or two of The Body every second day to keep a fresh glow. It really makes a huge difference and will encourage a natural, flawless looking tan with an even fade down.

Tailor-made Tanning is now a reality.

Fact. So take it slow and build up your tan to exactly the colour you need - whether for an event/ wedding/ party, plan to tan 2 days before and create your Tailor-made tan by layering applications and products. This will mean a longer lasting, richer colour with No Streaks, No smells and No drama. And on the morning of the event fine tune your final tan tone by adding a super fine mist of The Water to give an undetectable radiant glow to the skin.

It’s true what they say.

The age old trick of using ice cold water to close pores is the stuff of beauty legend. And this same thinking works like a charm to tighten pores ahead of applying self tan. However, as TAN-LUXE products don't use stains or colour guides ( which notoriously clog the pores) for us, this trick is more about ensuring the ultimate, ultra flawless, even colour on the face and legs. Try it. It works like a dream.

You Glow Girl.

For luminous limbs, create your own Tailor-made body highlighter - simply mix 4 x The Body drops per body part with an illuminating body cream or body make up. This trick will dial up your own ‘lit from within’ glow, regularly seen on the catwalk or red carpet. Apply in long sweeping movements along the shins, arms and across the décolleté for a glorious radiance.

Save the Steam Room…

for another day. Excessive heat and sweat can break down your self tan and derail even the most seasoned tanner’s efforts. If you can bare a cooler, icy shower post tanning - even better! A cooler temperature will not only keep your glow looking incredible but will prolong your Tailor-made TAN-LUXE tan and encourage an even fade on the skin.

In a rush?

Use a hairdryer on the coolest/cold setting to quicken the process. Blast cool air over your first layer of tan, allow to dry then apply another layer for a richer colour and/or light contouring on arms & legs. This is a tried and tested trick our team have used on clients who want more colour/definition on particular body parts and have zero time to spare.

Chill out, Girl.

Sometimes easier said than done, but trust us, always try to tan in a cool area - not a hot steamy bathroom, as perspiration can cause your tan to run and patch. If the temperature continues to soar after you've tanned, lightly dust mineral powder under arms and on the backs of knees to remove any excess moisture.


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